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November 16-18

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Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy for the Rocky Mountain/ACP Internal Medicine Conference

The annual Rocky Mountain/ACP Internal Medicine Conference is reviewed and approved for study hour credits under Section 1 (Accredited Group Learning Activities) of the Framework of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Options of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) Maintenance of Certification Program. In order to meet these requirements, the following conditions must be met.

Ethical Standards: Disclosure
All events and programs approved under Section 1 and Section 3 must adhere to the following conflicts of interest standards:

  • All faculty and planning committee members participating in accredited CPD events must provide a written description of their relationships with members of the pharmaceutical industry and other commercial industry as defined by the CMA Guidelines, Physicians and the Pharmaceutical Industry (2007) http://policybase.cma.ca/dbtw-wpd/Policypdf/PD08-01.pdf.
  • All faculty and planning committee members must disclose all relationships (not just those directly related to the topic or content being discussed at the event) over the previous two years.
  • The written description of the relationships of faculty and planning committee members must be provided to participants. This must either be part of the written conference material or described in the second slide at the time of the presentation.
  • There should be disclosure of any “off-label” use of pharmaceutical agents or medical devices.

A disclosure of a potential conflict of interest (COI) does not mean there has been an actual COI in regards to one’s dealings with the meeting, nor if there was an actual COI that the terms of our accreditation have been violated. It is simply a statement of disclosure (which is the requirement of accreditation) and that participants will then be able to take that information into consideration when assessing the validity and integrity of the materials presented in relation to that statement.

From the perspective of the Rocky Mountain/ACP Internal Medicine Conference, there is also an issue when there is the ‘appearance’ of a potential COI. In these situations, it is always in the individual’s and the Meeting’s best interest to declare that potential COI, as there is greater risk by not making such a disclosure than by doing so.

The Rocky Mountain/ACP Internal Medicine Conference accepts the RCPSC Ethical Standard: Disclosure policy with the exception of item 4, as it is difficult to understand or apply this principle. For example, all of us who have written, or implicitly endorsed a patient’s continuing use of gabapentin or amitriptyline for chronic pain (a common, but non approved indication for these medications) would be guilty of such a COI. Declaration of a COI on the basis of this action would be utterly foolish and unnecessary. Thus, we will respect and publish the RCPSC policy on this matter, but leave it to the individual to interpret these policies according to their own ‘best conscience’.

Thus, each member of the Annual Meeting Committee (AMC) must complete a Declaration of COI Form annually. The Chair of this Committee will make a formal, public statement of disclosure for 2 him/herself and on behalf of the AMC in the Opening Remarks at the beginning of each year’s Rocky Mountain Internal Medicine Conference. He or she will then point the participants who have an interest in these matters to the Rocky Mountain website where the details of the Meetings Policy and all of the COI statements for the Chair and Committee members may be accessed. Finally, all Faculty that are presenting at the meeting will be asked to include a disclosure statement on the second slide of their presentations. All the presentations and these disclosure statements will appear on the RM website.

Norm Campbell COI
Glen Drobot COI
Robert Herman COI
Narmin Kassam COI
Barry Kassen COI
Rshmi Khurana COI
Scott McKee COI
Harpinder Nagi COI
Michel Sauve COI
Brian Wirzba COI

Organizing Committee


Dr. Robert Herman, UC


  • Dr. Glen Drobot, UM
  • Dr. Lee-Ann Hawkins, UC
  • Dr. Narmin Kassam, UA
  • Dr. Barry Kassen, UBC
  • Dr. Rahim Kachra, UC
  • Dr. Scott McKee, Salmon Arm, BC
  • Dr. Harpinder Nagi, UBC
  • Dr. Michel Sauve, Fort McMurray, AB
  • Dr. Brian Wirzba, UA

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